This post discusses how to backup and restore mongodb database(s) quickly using mongodump and mongorestore.

Backup all Databases

mongodump dump all database(s) from your mongodb. The default location is <presentWorkingDirectory>/dump.

~ hpatel$ mongodump

Backup specific Databases to specific directory

We can explicity specify database using -d option. Location can be specified explicity using -o option.

~ hpatel$ mongodump -d demo -o /Users/hpatel/dump

Restore all Databases

Go to the default location where dump directory is present. mongorestore will restore all database under dump directory.

~ hpatel$ mongorestore

Restore specific Databases from directory

Use -d to specify a database to restore. “demo” is the name of database in below command.

~ hpatel$ mongorestore -d demo /Users/hpatel/dump/demo


Hirals-MacBook-Air:~ hpatel$ mongodump --help
Hirals-MacBook-Air:~ hpatel$ mongorestore --help


mongodump and mongorestore is very helpful in backup and restore of mongodb databases.


Mongodump documentation
Mongorestore documentation